An epic French trip ….

Carp Spirit UK Team member Tony Kingdon recently embarked on a special fishing trip to France, and what a trip it was …..

Well after 18 months of planning, what an amazing road trip to France that was. Fishing a very large public lake for just over a week was just epic!!! As with all early season fishing trips the weather plays a massive part and France is no different. Throughout the week we had it all that’s for sure, and in the end the cold won and made the fishing tough…

Not that we cared as it was one hell of an adventure and I even managed to catch one, which to be fair was my goal from the start from this huge piece of water!!

Roll on next year, think I might have to go back …..

During the trip Tony used the following Carp Spirit products; Black Boat, Magnum x5 Rods, 4-D Braid, Everest One Man Bivvy as well as a host of terminal tackle and accessories.