Combi-Soft Coated Braid

  • Soft Coated Hooklink.
  • A fast sinking, soft coated braid, ideal for Combi link rigs or can be used un-stripped to create a semi rigid hooklink.
  • Simply use a Strip-eaze tool to remove the desired amount of coating to make the perfect Combi or hinge style rigs.
  • Combi-Soft can easily be straightened by pulling the finished rig between two Multi pull tools over kettle steam.
  • Available in either Camo Brown, Camo Green or Black Silt.


Product Code Colour Length (m)Breaking Strain (kg)Breaking Strain (lb)RRP €
ACS640078Camo Brown209.102018.20
ACS640079Camo Brown2011.302518.20
ACS640080Camo Brown2015.903518.20
ACS640081Camo Green209.102018.20
ACS640082Camo Green2011.302518.20
ACS640083Camo Green2015.903518.20
ACS640084Black Silt209.102018.20
ACS640085Black Silt2011.302518.20
ACS640086Black Silt2015.903518.20