Combi-Soft Rig

  • Expertly hand tied, the Combi-Soft rig features a stripped back section directly behind the hook to allow for full movement of the bait and hook whatever angle the fish takes the bait from.
  • The micro ring on the hook shank is free to slide, so when the fish tries to eject the bait, this leaves the hook point clear and increases the chance of a hook up.
  • The angled shrink tube over the hook eye also aids rapid turning of the hook point.
  • A highly versatile rig, perfect for use with bottom baits, pop-ups and snowman presentations.


Product CodeLength (cm)Breaking Strain (lb)Hook SizeQuantityRRP €
ACS0900032025No 2x25.50
ACS0900042025No 4x25.50
ACS0900052025No 6x25.50