INOX Bobbins

Available June 2019

The Carp Spirt INOX Bobbin system sets a new standard in visual bite indication.

Not only do they look the part, each INOX Bobbin is packed with unique and clever features to offer enhanced bite indication, ease of use and versatility.

A key part to the INOX Bobbins versatility is the Duo Adjustable Clip (D.A.C.).

The DAC allows the mainline to be fished either free running by simply passing the line between the magnetic balls or can be fished fixed by locating it into the lower second clip.

Another clever feature is the addition of a side grub screw, which is used to directly adjust the tension between the magnetic balls– Particularly useful when fishing braid or low diameter mainlines.

Set up is quick and simple thanks to the integrated Neo magnet and a keyed location slot in the hockey stick adaptor to ensure perfect alignment every time.

2x Screw in weights (5g & 10g) are included as standard , allowing the head to be fished at 0g, 5g, 10g & 15g configurations, covering everything from slack lining in the margins to tight lines at extreme range.

A dual axis pivot directly underneath the head further enhances the sensitivity of the swing arm; perfect for fishing slack lines and particularly useful for enhancing drop back indication.

6x LRA Heads (Light Reactive Acrylic) are included with each Bobbin in colours:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple & Clear, each featuring a hollow core to accept an isotope.

Hanger conversion kits available separately.

INOX Bobbins - Designed and developed in the UK.

  • Duo Adjustable Clip (D.A.C.) – For Running line or fixed attachment
  • Side grub screw - For increased tension when using Braid or low diameter lines
  • Integrated Neo Magnet – Rapid set up
  • Key location Hockey stick slot – Perfect alignment every time
  • 5g & 10g screw on weights included
  • Dual Axis head – Enhanced bite indication
  • Hollow head – Isotope can be added
  • 6x Colours - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple & Clear.
  • Hanger kit conversion available separately

INOX Bobbins - Designed and developed in the UK.


CodeVersionRRP (€)
ACS490057Set of 489.00
ACS490056Set of 369.00