INOX Buzz Bars

  • INOX 300 QR Buzz bars are machined entirely from ultra-high grade 300 series stainless steel and will provide years of trouble free use.
  • All feature the quick release‘ Pill’ system which allows alarms to be quickly removed or butt rests to be changed in seconds.
  • Because the ‘Pill’ is totally free to rotate before being locked, alignment of alarms is hassle free and only takes a matter of seconds.
  • The 2 & 3 rod versions feature three male 3/8” BSF threads allowing them to be used with either single banksticks or in a ‘goal post’ style set up with bank sticks at either end.
  • A 2 in 1 key tool can also be purchased separately to further aid with the tightening or the release of thumb screws (and the QR ‘Pill’ system), particularly useful on wet days or frosty mornings.
  • Top Tip: Separate Pills can be purchased separately and used to cap off exposed male threads when not in use.
  • No loss Tri-lobe thumb screw design.
  • Hollow tube inserts for reduced weight.
  • 3/8” BSF Thread.
  • QR ‘Pill’ System


Product CodeTypeLength (cm)RodsPositionWeight (g)RRP €
ACS370034Adjustable20.2 to 352/3Front37557.10
ACS370051Adjustable16.5 to 27.52/3Back35557.10